Trying to figure out how to defend yourself against DUI charges is very confusing and challenging. Whereas, a DUI defense attorney has specific knowledge of the law and can represent you.

Do not look to anyone else other than a DUI defense lawyer to defend you against drunk driving. DUI defense lawyers have a high degree of knowledge and skill in defending against drunk driving. They have the most experience to protect against any DUI case built against you.

However, having a DUI arrest does not mean you have a DUI conviction; some of the most used legal defenses to California DUI charges are 1) lousy driving does not mean you were intoxicated, 2) the officer that arrested you did not comply with the 15 minute observation period, 3) officers did not follow the proper procedures, 4) or having symptoms of intoxication does not equal a DUI.

If it comes to having an actual DMV hearing, our team of lawyers is fully committed to finding a legal strategy that suits your needs, and we will pursue avoiding a suspension of your license.

In most cases, you do not have to be present in the hearing if you hire a DUI defense attorney.

We can appear in Court for you without your presence and the admin per se hearing at the DMV’s driver safety office. We will obtain all pertinent evidence through the District Attorney or the subpoena process. The development of defense will be used in plea bargain negotiating, attempting to dismiss the case, or in defending you at trial.

It would be best if you had an attorney that understands your case and, most importantly, is on your side. This is why we created a section in which we highlight the top 5 reasons you should hire our team of lawyers at IEDUI Attorneys.

There are 5 Reasons why you should hire our experienced attorneys at IEDUI Attorneys

1. DUI laws

DUI attorneys know how the system works; they know all the laws that you can encounter in a DUI case. They have a lot of experience and knowledge on how to defend against DUI charges, and they understand how each case is different and requires a unique strategy to protect you.

We want to make sure that with our legal expertise, we can make a difference in your present and future by doing our best to get the charges dropped and/or reduced.

2. Courtroom Experience

A DUI case is very different from a regular case; you shouldn’t be exposed to a courtroom if it is not completely necessary. It is crucial for you to find an attorney that you can trust with your case to defend you if you have been charged for drunk driving.

3. Fight Your DUI charges

If you don’t get the appropriate defense against your DUI case, your permanent criminal record can be tainted and can interfere with your livelihood. Our attorneys can help you avoid severe consequences with a strong defense. Not to mention that we could even help you get the best possible deal.

4. Complete and file forms

We can take care of any paperwork and file any necessary motions on your behalf in your case.

5. The reality of drunk driving

A DUI attorney will create a strong defense for you, don’t put your life in the hands of the wrong people. Instead, find an attorney who has the experience and will commit to finding the best defense strategy for your specific case.

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