Fontana CPS Attorneys and Juvenile Dependency Lawyers

Families are complex social bodies, each with different histories, cultures and traditions. In Fontana, family means everything, and the concept of family is at the focal point of most people’s lives. While the family can be a place for healing and hope, it can also be violent and abusive for some people, especially children. Broken families might have some traumatic conflicts and issues that can lead to inhospitable or unbearable conditions for the children living there. In such cases, the criminal justice system may become involved, or child protective services could become involved to protect the children who are facing abusive or unsafe circumstances.

If your family or a loved one is involved in a child protective services case, you will want to have an experienced family lawyer who is knowledgeable in this field. At My SoCal Lawyers, we are fierce advocates for the rights of families and their children.

Our attorneys can unapologetically fight for the ideal conditions for our clients. We approach each case with understanding and empathy, and our team works closely with our clients to figure out the right CPS case strategies.

Whether your case is related to child abuse or dependency, we are trained and educated in the complexities of family law and CPS proceedings in Fontana. Our experience allows us to quickly and efficiently manage CPS cases so that you or your loved one can focus on healing emotionally and physically. We put compassion and understanding at the core of our firm’s values. Our attorneys are committed to delivering legal support that our clients can understand and rely on.

Understanding the Essentials: Child Protective Services

Child protective services, or CPS, is the government agency charged with ensuring that children are living in safe conditions that are not harmful to their mental or physical health. If someone reports an instance of child abuse, neglect, or mistreatment to CPS, it will trigger an investigation into the family.

The investigation process typically involves interviewing everyone in the family and conducting an inspection of the home.

If CPS determines that the living conditions in the home are not conducive to a healthy environment, they may initiate legal proceedings.

The entire process can put pressure on both the guardians and the children involved, therefore making life more stressful than usual for the families under investigation. In such instances, it is helpful for all parties involved to have a Fontana family attorney who is experienced in CPS proceedings.

Fontana Defense Against Child Abuse Allegations

A false child abuse accusation can be extremely damaging to individuals. Such an accusation can:

  • Ruin someone’s reputation and business.
  • Damage their relationships with their child, other family members, and friends.
  • Have deep emotional consequences.

Also, such criminal charges can have lasting consequences if they are prosecuted, including a loss of custody over your children or a loss of visitation rights.

Child abuse allegations can be different depending on the circumstances. For example, a parent or guardian can be charged with physical or emotional abuse, or they can be accused of neglect. Neglect could mean that they are not providing their children with the basic needs they require to lead a healthy life, such as food and water, shelter, and a peaceful family dynamic. Parents can also be charged with overexploiting the labor of their children, such as forcing them to work long hours in a restaurant. No matter what the allegations are, a strong Fontana CPS lawyer can help collect evidence and supporting documents to prove your case. They can help work to clear your name so that you can keep your family together.

Fontana CPS Lawyers and Juvenile Dependency Attorney

Fontana Dependency Cases and Their Costs

Dependency cases involve the legal process of calling into question the rights of a certain person to have guardianship over certain children. During such cases, there are usually accusations involving the guardian’s neglect, abuse, or mishandling of a child, which can lead to a child being taken from their house in the short or long term.

An experienced Fontana family lawyer can represent you during your dependency case. Based on all the facts, and your ideal outcome, we can put together a defense that properly demonstrates to the court the reality at your home and how that living situation would be optimal for your child. We can walk you through court hearings and help you defend your rights as a parent.

At My SoCal Lawyers, we realize all that is at stake in a dependency case. Our firm can fight to make sure that you can still make legal decisions on your child’s behalf as well as have physical custody over them. We know how being separated from your child in their early years can be devastating for both you and them.

Representing Juveniles During CPS Cases

In addition to having legal representation for guardians in a CPS case, it’s important to make sure that minors, or individuals under 18, are getting the legal aid they need as well. Because juveniles have particular needs, in that they are at a sensitive stage of development in life, it’s important to have empathetic family lawyers who know how to relate to and connect with young people. Our Fontana attorneys at My SoCal Lawyers have years of experience working with minors, supporting them legally so that their interests are represented during a CPS case.

My SoCal Lawyers: Your Fontana Child Protective Services Attorneys

At My SoCal Lawyers, our legal team knows and understands the importance of family. When a false allegation, or certain legal situations, impose on the family and threaten to break it down, this can be an extremely stressful time. Our family attorneys are here to represent parents and children in such cases, using deep analysis of the situation and presenting the facts during hearings to help influence the court to make the decision that will optimally support the well-being of all parties involved. If you are a minor or guardian involved in a CPS case, contact our office today to learn more about how we can help you.